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The months of April through November are the very best times to visit us! Monthly ‘member’ days, tours, events and volunteer opportunities – all are designed to offer you special ways to enjoy Scars Farm and become involved in our very important mission.

Scars Farm Members

Our Scars Farm Members are incredibly important to us. Why? Because they not only understand and believe in our mission, but they are also willing to support the work we do through their monthly donations. In appreciation for their generosity and commitment, we offer a wide variety of membership benefits and discounts – ranging from reduced prices on our products and events to exclusive animal, garden and bee educational tours! We even schedule ‘Member Days’ in their honor!
It’s so easy to join this special group, and we hope that you consider it! Simply register on our website, commit to a monthly donation, and then enjoy the exclusive benefits we have reserved just for you!

Animal Tours

Our Scars Farm Animal Tours give you the opportunity to enjoy a delightful ‘hands on’ experience that will linger in your heart and mind forever! In addition to a private tour of our facilities, imagine interacting personally with our animals and witnessing the wonderful benefits of working in harmony with the land!

Our farm animals bask in our loving attention 24/7, and because of that abundance of affection, they are eager to share their inner happiness with you!!!
Connecting with our animals is an experience that is perfect for all ages! Bring your family, friends and anyone else you care about! We can arrange both private and group tours!

To learn more, please call 863-537-6590

honeycomb tool dipping in honey

Bee Keeping Experience

Behind every bottle of honey is a story that reflects the labor of thousands of bees and the devoted teams of beekeepers supporting them.

Here at Scars Farm, we’d like to make that story your own with our Beekeeping Experience. Take a tour of our bee yard (fully suited and equipped) and learn the process for yourself! You’ll pull frames of honey and gain an understanding of the complex relationships that keep a beehive functional. You can even bottle your very own honey to take a piece of the adventure home!

Please call 863-537-6590 for more information!

Corporate Offsites

Company outings offsite are important for staff productivity and morale. Time out to have fun, to learn something new, and to interact with each other in a relaxed atmosphere is priceless. Everyone goes back to work recharged and refreshed. Scheduling offsite gatherings for managerial and/or Board Members are equally valuable. Here at Scars Farm we can do both!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we figured out a simple way to instill a little lighthearted energy in virtual meetings as well! Imagine including a cameo appearance of a farm animal on the agenda of your next ZOOM meeting as guaranteed attention-grabber!

Our virtual opportunities will still be available after the virus restrictions are lifted.

Find out more about our offsite and virtual meetings
call 863-537-6590

Shop at our Gift Shop

Our visitors absolutely love our gift shop! We offer an incredible variety of special mementos that will serve to remind you of your time spent at Scars Farm. We have everything from t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, stuffed animals, toys and postcards to raw honey from our hives, jam, produce and herbs from our garden. Each item has been chosen with care and represents the high standards that guide what we do every day!

Our hope is that every product you take home with you will serve as a symbol of what we are trying to achieve – a sustainable pastoral environment where we can raise farm animals; create a renewable ‘food forest;’ call awareness to the role that honeybees play as our earth’s pollinators; and provide a sanctuary for animals at risk.

Weddings & Photoshoots

Memories are made at Scars Farm! Our Special Event venue offers you wonderful opportunities to pay tribute to those precious milestones in your personal life – weddings, births, graduations, job promotions, retirement, and so many more! Your guests will marvel at the uplifting atmosphere and the authenticity of the experience we offer. We have ample space and plenty of amenities designed for your guests’ comfort.

We especially love weddings and the photoshoots that accompany them. Our pastoral setting is a perfect setting for new beginnings! Come check out our facilities and amenities!

Call us at 863-537-6590 to learn more and set up a special appointment.



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