Meet & Greet

From the Moo-rnal of Coco:

Hi! My name is Coco. I live at Scar’s Farm with eight other farm friends. Six of us are cows, and three of us are donkeys. I consider myself very, very lucky. I used to live on a commercial dairy farm with my mom, but I guess I wasn’t quite good enough for whatever they needed me for, and I was sent away when I was only 7-days old.

I still wonder what they thought was wrong with me. It’s weird. For some reason everyone loves me here! I miss my mom, but since I was such a little tyke, I can’t remember her very well. Four of us little cows traveled together. We were sold to a lady who then sold us to our ‘forever home’ at Scar’s Farm.

When we got to Scar’s Farm, we needed lots of attention Traveling had been tough for us because we were so tiny and had just been separated from our moms. Cookies was only 4 days old and the tiniest one. Two of us didn’t survive. So, it was just Cleo and me left. Cleo had a little problem drinking but soon got the hang of it.

We slowly got stronger and finally we had a chance to play with the donkeys! The farm staff say that Cleo and I like to get into trouble. And they’re absolutely right! It sure is fun and makes life more interesting! They also say that we’re very sweet. They’re right about that too! (Especially me!)

Cleo once ate a plant that made her super-sensitive to the sun. She had to stay in a stall away from the sunlight or she would get huge welts on her body. We took turns staying with her because she was so miserable being alone. After a few months, she could join us outside but had to stay in the shade for a while longer. She’s better now, but still wants a lot of attention – and we were happy give it to her – because we’re her family.

It wasn’t long before Brownie and Missy came to live on the farm! We ‘sisters’ always stick together now, have fun and even share stalls!

If it seems that I’m the heard leader, you’re right! I’ve actually been told I’m sometimes a little on the bossy side, but somebody has to run the show so everyone knows their place – especially Peanut and Chewy!! I’m a natural-born leader! The dairy farm that didn’t want me has no idea what they are missing!



coco the cow

From the Moo-rnal of Brownie & Missy:

My name is Brownie. I wasn’t able to come to Scars Farm at the same time as Coco and Cleo because I was very sick and couldn’t leave my mother right away. I was so sick that I lost some of my fur! But when I finally got here, everyone was super excited to see me! This made me feel so happy and loved. I was a month old by then and was eager to have playmates. When I met the other cows and the donkeys, I immediately forgot about losing my fur and being so sick – just like the song, ‘That was yesterday and yesterday’s gone!’

Missy came a month after me and was smaller than any of us (about half my size). Even though she’s still on the small side, she sure does like to play, and we love to play with her! When she’s not playing, she’s generally quiet and a little shy – maybe because of her size. Or maybe she just seems that way because I’m so rambunctious!

I am so very happy to be here! I didn’t know there could be so much love in one place – plenty of food; plenty of water; fields of grass; and tons of gentle hugs from the staff!


From the Journal of Wilma & Betty:

My name is Wilma! Betty and I are sisters! We come from a place that bought and sold animals. We were always hungry there because there was hardly any grass, and our hooves were not taken care of the way they should have been. I’m so glad that Betty and I were sold together because we really are best friends.

It was a little scary coming to Scar’s Farm because we had no idea how heavenly it is – so much grass to eat; so much land to explore; and our hooves never felt better! We even have our own stalls! We’ve never had stalls before! This actually took time to get used to because we were used to sleeping outside, but it soon felt SO good – especially in the rain!

As donkeys, Betty and I are natural protectors, and it was our job to keep the baby cows safe from predators (Coco, Cleo, Brownie, Swiss Miss, and Cookies). Even when they were in their stalls, we could still see them, and we would do anything to keep them safe. When they got big enough, they started to follow us around and lick us. There is nothing sweeter than a ‘lick kiss’ from a baby cow.

It was a big surprise when the Scar’s Farm staff found out that both Betty and I were pregnant! But they took it in stride. One night, I delivered my baby girl Pebbles, and the next night Betty delivered Bamm-Bamm. Pebbles lived – but sadly Bamm-Bamm didn’t.

This is Betty

Bamm-Bamm came much earlier than I expected. He showed signs of having difficulty walking, and we were all concerned. The Scar’s Farm staff quickly saw how worrisome this was and took him to an ‘equine’ hospital. They let me see him first, and I cried and cried and cried when they carried him away. When they returned carrying a box, I knew he was no longer living. Everyone was just as sad as me. If it weren’t for my sweet niece Pebbles, I would have sunk in deep despair. But she gave me a reason to get up in the morning, and I watched over her as if she were my own.


From the Journal of Pebbles:

I feel super special because I am the very first animal to be actually born on Scar’s Farm. My mom (Wilma) and aunt (Betty) are taking such very good care of me. Even though Coco, Cleo and Brownie are 3 months older than I am, they are precious ‘sisters’ to me, and I am so very lucky to be able to grow up with them. They treat me like another cow right now, but I know as I get bigger, I will be their protector like my Mom already does.

I’m really, really curious about people. I love when they come to visit Scar’s Farm. I think it’s absolutely amazing that they can walk around on two legs while I need four!! Sometimes Mom chases me away from hanging out with them. But I don’t always listen because they are such fun to be around – especially because they sometimes have some yummy treats for me.

When they go on one of the Farm’s little tours in a golf cart, I follow the cart around. If you come to see me, please bring treats! I especially love apples!!



From the Moo-rnal of Peanut & Chewie:

Chewy and I are called Miniature Jerseys. This just means that we’re tiny cows. We were only 7 days old when we came here. We used to live somewhere else, but I don’t remember what it was like because we were so little. It was a LONG trip, and we fell asleep! When we arrived at Scars Farm, the cows and donkeys welcomed us by coming close to our stall as possible and watched over us at night. They sometimes took turns, making sure that we were ok.

Chewy has a little bit of an overbite – so she couldn’t drink as much milk as I did in the beginning, but we both healthy, and that’s what’s important. For a while, we were too tiny to play with our family during the day, but we could see them through the fence and could hardly wait to get big enough to have fun with them!

FINALLY, we got to meet the donkeys. Wilma and Betty were super patient when we came close to them to smell them, but I think Pebbles was jealous because she was no longer the ‘baby.’ She even tried to kick us! But when she gets to know us, I know she’ll love us too! After all – we are kind of cute. And there’s tons of love to go around. The staff and visitors shower us with affection all day long! We are SO lucky to be here.




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