Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Animal Helper

Our animals are cherished members of our family. We take care of them with love, tenderness, respect, and sensitivity. Some of them were very vulnerable when they came to our farm. They now feel safe, happy and eager to enjoy the company of caretakers, other animals, and visitors alike!

We are looking for someone who genuinely loves animals and is willing to learn the basics of animal care. It will be important that he or she understands each animal’s different personalities and history to ensure the very best care.

We are also looking for Honey Bee keepers as well. This responsibility includes monitoring the bees, keeping beehives healthy and productive, and processing the honey. These bees are precious and are an example of nature’s most treasured pollinators.

Previous experience with farm animals and/or bee keeping is a plus!

Tour Guide

We are looking for vivacious individuals who share our passion for animals and the earth and are eager to share this passion with the community. Because our goal is to engage the community in our mission, our tour guides need to understand all aspects of our farm – from our commitment to permanent agriculture to our animal sanctuary, our honey bees, and our edible gardens. Tour Guide duties may also include participating in our events!

If you are outgoing, independent, personable, enterprising, highly organized and willing to answer LOTS of questions please enquire!


We hope to reach out to members of the community in multiple ways! It’s important that our marketer understands the central purpose of Scars Farm and is able to engage the community through communication tools that include press releases, print material, product promotion and social media outreach.

He or she must also be able to operate advanced computer programs and be able to produce fliers, brochures, and promotional materials that are engaging in both design and content and are consistent with our central mission.

Internships and Volunteers

We are eager to offer internship opportunities and welcome anyone who has an interest in sustainable ecosystems, Animal welfare, or environmental science as a possible career. The students we hope to attract need to be responsible, eager to further their knowledge, and willing to help with all aspects of our farm operations and animal care.

We also welcome volunteers – we need all the help that we can get as we continue to expand our operations! For anyone looking for experience in their field of interest or would like to learn more about our volunteer opportunities, please call us at 833-941-0989.

Event Support

Our Special Event venue offers the public opportunities to not only commemorate precious milestones in their personal lives, but to also celebrate holidays, hold inspirational retreats, host corporate or association gatherings, or pay tribute to first responders and others in the community who deserve our thanks.

We are looking for individuals to assist in the logistical management of our events. This may include helping to prepare our venue and setting up chairs and tables, tending to attendee needs, and participating post event duties. Our event support team must be organized, energetic, flexible, friendly and be able to pay meticulous attention to detail.

Gift Shop Staff

We are seeking individuals who are willing to serve in a variety of roles that may include processing sales, operating a cash register, organizing and maintaining the displays, managing the inventory, restocking the supplies, answering phones, greeting customers and being able to answer questions about Scars Farm. Our gift shop is small right now but we anticipate that we may need to expand and add additional staff.
Qualities that we are looking for include being: friendly, organized, cheerful, flexible, patient, and detail-focused.

Property/Landscape Manager

It’s important that our property is managed and maintained so that it reflects the permanent agriculture landscape and renewable food forest that we hope to achieve. Our goal has always been to design our own growing space and find a way to work with nature to provide a sustainable lifestyle – not only for us, but to also use as an example of what can be done within a defined area of land.

The Property Manager we hope to hire needs to have the will and the skill to maximize our land’s potential without disturbing the beautiful balance that nature has provided.


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