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Pebble’s Story

I feel super special because I am the very first animal to be actually born on Scar’s Farm. My mom (Wilma) and aunt (Betty) are taking such very good care of me. Even though Coco, Cleo and Brownie are 3 months older than I am, they are precious ‘sisters’ to me, and I am so very lucky to be able to grow up with them. They treat me like another cow right now, but I know as I get bigger, I will be their protector like my Mom already does.

I’m really, really curious about people. I love when they come to visit Scar’s Farm. I think it’s absolutely amazing that they can walk around on two legs while I need four!! Sometimes Mom chases me away from hanging out with them. But I don’t always listen because they are such fun to be around – especially because they sometimes have some yummy treats for me.

When they go on one of the Farm’s little tours in a golf cart, I follow the cart around. If you come to see me, please bring treats! I especially love apples!!



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