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Hope’s Story

Hi! My name is Coco. I live at Scar’s Farm with eight other farm friends. Six of us are cows, and three of us are donkeys. I consider myself very, very lucky. I used to live on a commercial dairy farm with my mom, but I guess I wasn’t quite good enough for whatever they needed me for, and I was sent away when I was only 7-days old.

I still wonder what they thought was wrong with me. It’s weird. For some reason everyone loves me here! I miss my mom, but since I was such a little tyke, I can’t remember her very well. Four of us little cows traveled together. We were sold to a lady who then sold us to our ‘forever home’ at Scar’s Farm.

When we got to Scar’s Farm, we needed lots of attention Traveling had been tough for us because we were so tiny and had just been separated from our moms. Cookies was only 4 days old and the tiniest one. Two of us didn’t survive. So, it was just Cleo and me left. Cleo had a little problem drinking but soon got the hang of it.

We slowly got stronger and finally we had a chance to play with the donkeys! The farm staff say that Cleo and I like to get into trouble. And they’re absolutely right! It sure is fun and makes life more interesting! They also say that we’re very sweet. They’re right about that too! (Especially me!)

Cleo once ate a plant that made her super-sensitive to the sun. She had to stay in a stall away from the sunlight or she would get huge welts on her body. We took turns staying with her because she was so miserable being alone. After a few months, she could join us outside but had to stay in the shade for a while longer. She’s better now, but still wants a lot of attention – and we were happy give it to her – because we’re her family.

It wasn’t long before Brownie and Missy came to live on the farm! We ‘sisters’ always stick together now, have fun and even share stalls!

If it seems that I’m the heard leader, you’re right! I’ve actually been told I’m sometimes a little on the bossy side, but somebody has to run the show so everyone knows their place – especially Peanut and Chewy!! I’m a natural-born leader! The dairy farm that didn’t want me has no idea what they are missing!



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