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All of our animals are unique and special to Scars Farm. You can read about each animal and their story here. You can also support them with a sponsorship that helps cover the costs of food, bedding, medical care, and more. Every little bit counts.


Coco was born on a commercial dairy farm and was sent away from her mom when she was only seven days old because she didn’t quite fit the criteria to stay on the farm. She lived on another farm for a very short time and then came to Scars Farm her ‘forever home,’ Coco was very tiny when she arrived. It took her a while to gain weight, but she has become a feisty, mischievous little cow and has actually become the ‘heard leader!’

cow with white bonnet on


Brownie joined our farm family when she was a month old. She had become very ill soon after she was born and couldn’t leave her mother right away. When she arrived at Scars Farm, she was thrilled to find herself in a place filled with so much food, water, fields of grass, other animals to play with and – most of all – our boundless love. 

Wilma & Betty

Wilma and Betty are sisters and were ‘rescued’ together. As donkeys, they are natural ‘protectors’ and work hard to keep the young animals safe from predators. They had never slept in a stall before when they came to us, and it took a while for them to get used to falling asleep inside a shelter – but they now love it (especially when it rains)! To our surprise, they were both pregnant when they came to Scars Farm. Wilma’s baby (Pebbles) survived, but unfortunately, Betty’s baby (Bamm-Bamm) didn’t. Betty was inconsolable in the beginning but she soon started showering her love on Pebble.

clsoe up of donkey


Pebbles was the very first animal to be actually born on Scars Farm. Coco, Cleo and Brownie play with her constantly even though Pebbles is a donkey and they are cows. Soon she will be big enough to be a ‘protector’ just like her mom (Wilma) and her aunt (Betty). She loves humans and will follow them around on tours hoping for treats!

Peanut & Chewy

Peanut and Chewie are Miniature Jerseys (tiny cows bred for small farms). They were only 7 days old when they came to Scars Farm. Because Chewie had a little bit of an overbite, she had trouble drinking milk at the beginning, but she soon compensated for that and is now thriving! Peanut and Chewie were too small to play with the other animals when they first came and could only wistfully interact with them through a fence. But they now joyfully mingle with the others and are loved by everyone!


Cleo is inquisitive and mischievous – sometimes she gets into trouble with her pal Coco, but her antics make life interesting for all of us and certainly keeps us on our toes! She once ate a plant that made her super-sensitive to the sun and had to remain in a stall away from the sunlight to avoid welts. We took turns keeping her company so she wouldn’t get lonely. She is healthy now but still wants lots of attention – and we love giving it to her!


Chief is a blind appaloosa horse donated to us under the condition that he would live the rest of his life at our sanctuary. We were delighted and didn’t hesitate to say ‘absolutely!’ We treasure his special presence every day. He may be blind, but he is alert, hears everything that is going on around him and shows his gratitude and affection in his own special way.


Hope is a quarter horse who belonged to the same owner who cared for Chief. Her facial bones and teeth were damaged when she was younger, we don’t notice that at all. She is just our beautiful ‘Hope,’ sweet gentle and thankful to be a member of our family. Her name is a symbol of the feeling we want to instill in every member of our animal family!


Missy was one of the tiniest members of our farm family when she joined us at Scars Farm. Even today she is quiet and a little shy – until she starts to play with the other animals. Then she sheds her bashfulness and romps and rolls in the meadow like the others. It warms our heart when we see how much she enjoys living with us! We are so blessed to have her.

We have other animals you may want to meet too! Maybe you’d like an ‘up close and personal’ video call with our honey bees! Or maybe you’d prefer to learn more about our ‘tree forest’ or sustainable gardens. Call us at 863-537-6590 for more information!

Our virtual tours have become a treasured experience! Be prepared to be inspired, educated, enthralled and simply thrilled to observe the activities that take place on our farm, our animal sanctuary, and our sustainable food forest.

Scars Farm is able to be operationally sustainable through the generosity of our visitors and donors. Scheduling virtual meetings with our sanctuary animals is a great way to help support us!



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