Beekeeping Experience

Behind every bottle of honey is a story, the labor of thousands of bees, and devoted teams of beekeepers supporting them.
Here at Scars Farm, we’d like to make that story your own, with our Beekeeping Experience – Take a tour through our bee yard, fully suited and equipped, and learn the process for yourself. You’ll pull frames of honey, and get a feel for the complex relationships that keep a hive running. You can even take the next step, and bottle your very own honey to take a piece of the adventure home!


Memories are made at Scars Farm! Our Special Event venue offers you wonderful opportunities to not only commemorate those precious milestones in your personal life, but to also celebrate holidays, hold inspirational retreats, host corporate or association gatherings, or pay tribute to first responders and others in the community who deserve your thanks.

Whatever the reason, your guests will marvel at the uplifting atmosphere and the authenticity of the experience. We have ample space and plenty of amenities designed for their comfort.

Animal Tours

One of our favorite opportunities for you and your guests is our Animal Tour – an unforgettable ‘hands on’ educational experience that you will never forget! You and your guests will marvel in a private tour of our facilities and a chance to meet our animals ‘up-close and personal!’

Our Jenny donkeys, our Mini Jersey/Holstein cows and our Horses all have profound stories that will provide you with an understanding of their unique personalities, their journey to Scars Farm, and their life on a remarkable home that will care for them with compassion and love throughout their lives.

Our Products

The products we offer for you to purchase and enjoy include raw honey from our hives, fruit and nuts from our trees, herbs and plants from our gardens, dairy products, memorable merchandise, and so much more!

Our hope is that every product you take home with you will serve as a symbol of what we are trying to achieve. In addition to fostering an increased appreciation of resource stewardship, we hope that you will consider replicating some of our practices on your own land! It’s worth the effort!

Our Gallery

Our gallery of photos and videos will give you an insight to our lifestyle and an opportunity to meet some of the incredible members of our Scars Farm family. You will take delight in seeing the delightful spontaneous moments we have captured with our cameras and video equipment.

Many of these include animals that we have welcomed to our farm. Some of them were very vulnerable when they came to us. But look at them now! They are not only thriving, but they absolutely love their new home and will be thrilled to meet you!

Where Sustainability Is A Lifestyle

We like to think these 7 permanent agriculture principles can be applied to daily life, both work and play, which will allow us to live happier and healthier, to work more effectively and to create a more sustainable world.

Obtain a yield – This of course, means planting in such a way that the most food is created. The food is the reward. In life, we can work to obtain an intrinsic or extrinsic reward.
Apply self-regulation and accept feedback – Self-regulation or self-control allows us to be accountable and it empowers us. Feedback helps us improve which will help us excel at work.
Observe and interact – Let’s slow down and observe and appreciate our surroundings and others.
Use and value renewable resources and services and produce no waste – These two principles are simply common sense tips to living a eco-friendly lifestyle and in creating a more sustainable world.
Design from patterns to details – Permanent agriculture calls for standing back and observing patterns in nature and in society and then filling in the details; this might make for a more efficient and logical way to work as well.
Use edges and value the marginal – Permanent agriculture suggests that the interface between things is where the most interesting things take place. These are often the most valuable, diverse and productive parts of the system.
Creatively use and respond to change – This requires no explanation, but in a changing world, it remains an important principle in both life and work. To remain a viable and sustainable business and to live well, we must be resilient and creatively work with change.



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